Expanded seasoning options with new PS Seasoning branding launched in the last year. Part of Corporate Executive Chef Krista Tillotson’s duties include testing seasonings like Desert Pepper Tequila Blend and The Notorious P.I.G. Rub in the company kitchen as part of the innovation process. (Photo: Doug Raflik, USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin)

IRON RIDGE – A family-owned shop on Main Street in rural Wisconsin. A wall of spices. Customers with reusable jars to be filled. Plenty of chit-chat between owners and customers.

It’s not a fictional scene in a romanticized slice of small town Americana, it’s how PS Seasoning & Spices CEO Joe Hanni describes his favorite childhood memories of working in the family business.

After chatting with his mother and grandmother for 15 minutes, maybe longer, customers would purchase a few dollars worth of pepper or other spices. 

“I remember growing up and that was fun,” said Joe. “Everyone was