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Ghost ships, swamp beasts, and all the creepy things that happen in Room 303

You’ve heard of the Bermuda Triangle. We may have a terrifying triangle of our very own. As labeled by cryptozoologist Loren Coleman, author of “Mysterious America” and founder of the International Cryptozoology Museum (, the Bridgewater Triangle comprises 200 square miles and 17 towns. The towns of Abington, Freetown, and Rehoboth make up the tips of the triangle.

Some pretty bizarre stuff has happened here over the years. There’s Hockomock Swamp, a zone that could populate its own creature feature. In 1980, a group of canoeists sighted a “small, red-haired, chimpanzee-like ape” in Coleman’s words, in the swamp’s Lake Nippenicket, a.k.a. “The Nip.” An eyewitness account of a small, hairy creature also shows up in the 2013 documentary “The Bridgewater Triangle,” by Aaron Cadieux and Manny Famolare. In the skies above the triangle, folks have seen large, unidentified birds, including a “tremendous winged creature over 6 feet all” at Bird

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