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WaterField Designs Unveils Modern Cycling Wallet for Apple’s New iPhone 12

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — WaterField Designs, a local San Francisco manufacturer of laptop sleeves, bags, and cases for digital gear, introduces the Cycling iPhone Wallet—a sleek wallet for cyclists that holds the essentials they take on every ride: an iPhone, cash, cards, ID, car key, and multitool. The compact ballistic nylon and full-grain leather wallet is custom-fit to cycling jersey pockets and is easily accessible from there with one hand. Available in two sizes, this water-resistant wallet protects an iPhone with soft padding in a dedicated compartment and looks great whether on or off a bike.

“The Cycling iPhone Wallet is perhaps the only iPhone case designed with cyclists in mind,” said company owner Gary Waterfield. “Those cyclists who carry their tools in a saddlebag now have a comfortable case to carry their iPhone, car key, and cash in their jersey pocket, rather than tossing

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