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Students rebuke Notre Dame president for not wearing mask at White House

Jenkins’ behavior has outraged some members of the Notre Dame community, with more than 200 students signing a petition calling for his resignation after he was seen without a mask and shaking hands with other unmasked attendees at the Sept. 26 ceremony for Barrett, a Notre Dame faculty member and alumna.

The ceremony is now considered a likely superspreader event after multiple participants including President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump tested positive for the virus.

Now, Jenkins has not only been reprimanded by students, but he faces possible action from the Faculty Senate. They voted on Tuesday night 21-20 to postpone action on a resolution of no confidence in Jenkins, The Chronicle of Higher Education reported.

Jenkins last week apologized for his behavior, saying he regretted his “error of judgment in not wearing a mask” and that he decided to quarantine “in an abundance of caution.” The Student

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