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People obsess over the state of this 5-bed house & it’s not the dated kitchen or dirty bathroom that’s got them talking

PEOPLE have been taken aback by this five-bedroom house in north London, but it’s not the location or ample space which has got them talking. 

Prospective buyers have slammed the sprawling property as a ‘house of hoarding horrors’, after photos reveal it’s stuffed to the brim with junk. 

The colour of the house was described as 'pea soup' green online


The colour of the house was described as ‘pea soup’ green onlineCredit: RightMove

The ‘pea soup’ coloured house sounds like a dream on paper – five bedrooms, two bathrooms, two reception rooms, a massive 50-foot garden and 1,743 square feet of floor space. 

But as soon as you step inside, it’s a very different story. 

Every room is piled high with junk, with garish wallpaper, mismatching tiles, dated kitchen cabinets and the wallpaper is falling off in one photo. 

The house caught author Sarra Manning’s eye last year, and she tweeted about it after spotting it was back on the

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