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Trump Tests Negative for Covid-19 on Consecutive Days, White House Physician Says

WASHINGTON—President Trump tested negative for Covid-19 on consecutive days, White House physician Sean Conley said in a memo released Monday as Mr. Trump traveled to Florida for his first campaign rally since being treated for the virus.

Dr. Conley said tests and other measurements “have informed our medical team’s assessment that the president is not infectious to others.” The memo didn’t specify when Mr. Trump was tested.

Mr. Trump was tested using

Abbott Laboratories

’ BinaxNOW Covid-19 Ag Card, the memo said. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has granted emergency-use authorization to Abbott Laboratories for a $5 rapid-response Covid-19 antigen test that is roughly the size of a credit card.

Infectious-disease experts have cautioned against relying too much on results from rapid tests, especially early during an infection, because of sometimes unreliable results.

“It is important to note that this test was not used in isolation for the determination

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The White House has dodged questions for six straight days about when Trump last tested negative for the coronavirus

At least three other White House officials have dodged the same question for six straight days, examples of which you can watch in the video above. Trump’s last negative test is one of several pieces of incomplete or contradictory information about his coronavirus infection that the White House has refused to clarify. Health experts have said the negative test information is needed to know how long Trump may have been contagious and who might have to isolate after coming into contact with him.

On Saturday, White House physician Sean Conley declined to say when Trump last tested negative.

On Tuesday, Morgenstern said he did not know when Trump last tested negative.

And by Thursday, White House communications director Alyssa Farah told reporters, “I can’t reveal that at this time, the doctors would like to keep it private.”

Earlier this week, two officials familiar with the situation told The Washington Post

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Record Store Day’s September Drop Brings Big Gains for U.S. Vinyl Album Sales

Also impressive, industry-wide physical album sales (CD, vinyl, etc.) totaled 1.52 million for the week, with indie stores claiming 41% of those sales (625,000).

The annual Record Store Day holiday was originally scheduled for April 18, but, due to COVID-19 concerns and complications, was split into three separate drops on Aug. 26, Sept. 26 and Oct. 24.

All of the titles that were intended to be released on April 18 for Record Store Day were then spread across the drop dates. Those titles include unique color vinyl variants, unique one-off pressings, hard-to-find archival projects, and reissues of classic or niche albums.

Albums that were released specifically for the second drop include Roger Waters’ The Wall: Live in Berlin (on clear vinyl), Paul McCartney’s McCartney (a half-speed vinyl pressing) and Fleetwood Mac’s The Alternate Rumours (alternate takes of the original classic Rumours album tracklist).

Following the second Record Store Day 2020

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For New Widow, ‘Horrible Days.’ Then More Help Arrived.

Weeks after the coronavirus lockdown began in New York, Mayya Gil, 91, found her husband on the kitchen floor of their apartment.

Weak with a fever, he had fallen, the first sign of his Covid-19 infection.

For the first 10 days, Ms. Gil cared for her husband, Vilyam, at home with the help of an aide. Then, on April 20, he was taken to ​New York Community Hospital in Brooklyn, where he spent his last two days.

“They wouldn’t let me see him, and he was too weak to say anything on the phone,” Ms. Gil recalled in Russian during a recent interview. After 68 years together, she said, “we couldn’t say goodbye.”

Ms. Gil met her husband in Kyiv, Ukraine. She, her mother and her brother fled there when she was 12 and their hometown, Khmelnytskyi, was invaded by Nazis. She eventually married Mr. Gil. “We were like one

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White House readies Oval Office for Trump return, just days after COVID diagnosis

Washington — In the wake of President Trump’s discharge from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center early this week, the White House is making preparations for the president to return to work in the Oval Office as early as Wednesday, just days after he was diagnosed with COVID-19.

White House chief of staff Mark Meadows told reporters Wednesday that Mr. Trump had wanted to be in the Oval Office on Tuesday, and safety preparations are underway in the event he moves from the residence to the West Wing.

“He continues to work,” Meadows said. “We’ve got a number of safety protocols with full PPE, masks, goggles and the like for any direct interaction with the president in those areas.”

Meadow added that ventilation is also being addressed for when the president returns to the West Wing. The president is expected to return to the Oval Office as soon as Wednesday,

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