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This Entire Home Was Designed Around a Hot Pink Sofa

It’s not uncommon that homeowners come to designers with a list of “must-haves” prior to renovation. But for this Philadelphia family, their “big ask” was especially specific: “They wanted a pink velvet sofa,” recalls designer Michelle Gage. The wish proved an apt starting point for what would turn out to be a “bright and cheerful home,” as the designer notes, “something we need more of in 2020!”

a sofa in a living room: Designer Michelle Gage created a colorful and durable home for a Philadelphia family with two young children.

© Trevor Dixon
Designer Michelle Gage created a colorful and durable home for a Philadelphia family with two young children.

“They’re big art lovers, and they were really excited to splash that around, to have lots of color,” explains the designer. But, from a practical standpoint, “they also have two little kids, so they wanted everything to be really durable, while still looking like a piece of art.” Read on to see just how the designer achieved that.

Living Room

a living room filled with furniture and a fire place: colorful home

© Trevor Dixon

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How a Well Designed B2B Website Builds Confidence

In the era of pandemics, your B2B website is literally the front door to your business operations. To be part of the future is to have an effective, professional and efficient online presence. Your business has 7 seconds to make a great first impression on a prospect visiting your website—here are 5 tips on how to succeed.

A Clear and Consistent Message

Website visitors won’t make an effort to read your entire website before making a quick assessment about staying, so keep things simple. Your website’s homepage should be doing what a first-time meeting would—providing a high-level overview of your products and/or services, along with prompts to dive deeper. Begin with strong headlines, and content that clearly outlines the benefits of buying from you.

Professional B2B Web Design That Supports Your Brand

There is a saying by digital designer Adam Judge, “The alternative to good design is always bad design.

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New Travis Heights home on AIA Austin Home Tour designed like it was always there – Entertainment & Life – Austin 360

Neslie Cook’s home in the section of Travis Heights that is east of Interstate 35 was made to look like it was original to the neighborhood.

Cook loved the midcentury modern elements of some of the buildings in her hometown of Refugio, north of Corpus Christi.

When it came to building her own home, she says, “I wanted to bring that to life again. You don’t see that in new construction.”

Cook, who does work in civil engineering, enlisted architect Mark Odom of Mark Odom Studio and builder Doug Cameron of Eco Safe Spaces to create a home that would echo midcentury modern style while being efficient for today’s world.

“Neslie set the tone,” Odom says. “She set the tone and the vision. Our job was to listen and to carefully edit.”

The home is one of nine on the Austin chapter of the American Institute of Architects Home Tour,

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