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Problem with BSE website; Anil Singhvi talks to Dharmesh Mehta of DAM Capital

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Vedanta Delisting Update: Today is the last date for tendering Vedanta shares for delisting bid but the bidders are unable to bid as there was a problem with the BSE website today. Zee Business Managing Editor Anil Singhvi talked to the advisor of Vedanta Delisting issue Dharmesh Mehta, MD & CEO at DAM Capital and asked whether they will ask for one more day for bidding. Mehta replied to Anil Singhvi that they have raised the issue with the BSE and final decision in this regard is vested with SEBI only.

On problem in the BSE site from today morning, Dharmesh Mehta told Anil Singhvi, “There is problem with the BSE website from today morning and it is not getting updated since 11:00 AM. We have raised the issue with the market regulator body SEBI and hopefully they will take proper decision in this regard.”

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