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Mom divides social media after sharing how she lives in a camper with her 5 kids: ‘It seems too small’

For this writer, who has no kids, raising even one child sounds impossible.

Take that, multiply it by five and confine everything to a 43-foot-long space? Now that sounds unfathomable.

That’s just a normal day for Kat Elizabeth, though. The TikToker lives in a mobile camper full-time, along with her husband and her five young children.

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If that sounds way too hard to imagine, don’t worry. Elizabeth offered a tour of her confined, on-the-go lifestyle, thanks to a viral video that’s now drawn more than 5 million views.

“People ask how I live in a camper with five kids, so here it is,” Elizabeth says at the start of her video.

As the mom shows, she and her husband sleep in a private bedroom, along with their infant son. The room also contains their washer and

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