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5 easy swaps to make your bathroom more eco-friendly

Recycling and composting are fast becoming the social norm, but while our kitchens may be becoming increasingly eco-friendly, it’s important to spread our sustainable net and ensure we’re not overlooking our bathrooms.

The good news? We’ve done the hard part for you and researched some small swaps that will make a mighty impact when it comes to making your bathroom habits more planet-friendly. Click on the + signs to find out more…

By its very nature, toilet paper is a single-use product (obviously) and requires water, paper, bleach and chlorine to produce.

Thankfully, household brands like Cushelle are already taking a strong stance on sustainability. The company has reduced its carbon footprint (total greenhouse gas emissions) by 2% since introducing its Double Rolls, by reusing production water and making its packaging out of 60% recycled plastic and 25% plant-based materials. Getting twice as much for your usual loo roll also

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4 Easy Ways to Keep Your Bathroom Ready for Company

Entertaining is happening on a smaller scale these days, but having a bathroom you’d happily invite a guest into on short notice is a problem that will never go away, especially as the holidays draw near. This is one of those cases where a little foresight goes a long way. Decorating with inviting art is an instant upgrade, especially in small spaces where even some small framed pieces really pop. And stocking a cute basket with fresh guest soaps in welcoming scents like lavender, along with rolled towels helps lend a spa-like air to one’s hand washing experience.

Then there’s the issue of that mad-dash cleaning we’ve all been guilty of when we hear the doorbell ring. Leveraging a few cleverly designed Scotch-Brite® Brand tools for regular touch-ups will keep your tile and yes, the all important toilet looking presentable 24/7. Don’t forget those tricky areas like the underside of

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How do you find a clean restroom in Bay Area during the pandemic? It’s not easy

During a recent stroll through Hayes Valley, things almost felt normal, with people sunning at Patricia’s Green, dawdling in retail stores and zipping in to get takeout from restaurants.

But no one seemed to know where to go to the bathroom.

On the short Hayes Street block between Octavia and Laguna streets, four stores, peppered with requests, finally opted for signs saying that restrooms are not available.

La Boulangerie de San Francisco has posted a sign that reads: “Sorry, no bathrooms allowed.” A similar sign hangs across the street, at Patxi’s Pizza. Server Julius Allen estimated that 20 people still ask about the restroom during each of his shifts. “People always asked before COVID times, but now, it’s constant,” Allen said.

It’s a similar story at Peak Design, a travel bags and camera gear store: The restroom is currently unavailable, even to customers. When asked where customers could find relief

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