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5 easy swaps to make your bathroom more eco-friendly

Recycling and composting are fast becoming the social norm, but while our kitchens may be becoming increasingly eco-friendly, it’s important to spread our sustainable net and ensure we’re not overlooking our bathrooms.

The good news? We’ve done the hard part for you and researched some small swaps that will make a mighty impact when it comes to making your bathroom habits more planet-friendly. Click on the + signs to find out more…

By its very nature, toilet paper is a single-use product (obviously) and requires water, paper, bleach and chlorine to produce.

Thankfully, household brands like Cushelle are already taking a strong stance on sustainability. The company has reduced its carbon footprint (total greenhouse gas emissions) by 2% since introducing its Double Rolls, by reusing production water and making its packaging out of 60% recycled plastic and 25% plant-based materials. Getting twice as much for your usual loo roll also

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