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‘Patients the losers’ despite $17m lift for ‘white elephant’ medical costs website

Australian Medical Association president Omar Khorshid said he did not expect many doctors would publish their fees on the website, which was “a complete failure” and “should be abandoned”.

“Until the website can actually give an individual patient confidence about what gap they might be facing compared with other practitioners, then it’s not going to be useful at all,” Dr Khorshid said.

Macquarie University Centre for the Health Economy director Henry Cutler said the fact participation was voluntary meant it would be “impossible for patients to determine value for money” by searching the website.

The latest official data from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare shows Australians spent $30 billion on out-of-pocket medical costs in 2017-18.

Grattan Institute health economist Stephen Duckett said the budget provided “no real enhancement to ensure usable comparative information on all doctors will be available to the public”.

Health Minister Greg Hunt announced plans

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9-year-old orphaned elephant enjoys bath time in adorable viral video. Twitter loves it

a large elephant standing next to a body of water: Screengrab from video shared by Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Screengrab from video shared by Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

A video of an elephant taking a bath in a small pool is going viral online. The clip will bring a smile on your face. It was shared by the official Twitter account of Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, and it shows a nine-year-old orphaned elephant enjoying her bath time.

Sharing the clip on October 7, Sheldrick Wildlife Trust revealed that the elephant’s name is Sonje and she was enjoying a bath at the Umani Springs. They also said that Sonje was rescued after she was injured by an arrow or a spear.

They captioned the viral video, “Sonje enjoys a soak at Umani Springs. She’s an orphan that was injured by a suspected arrow or spear before her rescue. Now 9 years old, she’s perfectly at home in the safe environs of the Kibwezi Forest, which offers lots of bathing spots (sic).”


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