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I Completely Transformed My Media Center Using The Container Store’s Elfa Shelving

When my husband and I bought our Craftsman house, we knew we’d have to get comfortable with all the rich, brown woodwork, which is deliciously historic…and also quite heavy and dark. Short of covering everything in a few coats of white paint (which, trust, I tried to pitch to old husbo), we knew we had to find ways to brighten up the space while also playing to the home’s old, quirky charms.

The living room and dining room were easy, thanks to ample light and bright furniture, but the toughest space by far was the middle “parlor,” which we use as a TV and media room. Without any windows, it’s short on light and it didn’t help that most of our furniture was made from brown particle board.

I wanted a sleek, modular design that paid homage to the midcentury furniture we have throughout the house. My first thought was

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