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Google India delays enforcing its 30 percent Play Store commission until 2022

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Google pointed out that its payment system only applies to three percent of developers, and among those, most already use it. It said that its billing system “provides a simple, safe way for consumers to transact,” and includes reminders about free trials, clear price disclosures and information about cancellations and refunds.

It added that it’s willing to speak with developers to resolve any concerns. “We are setting up listening sessions with leading Indian startups to understand their concerns more deeply,” the company wrote. “And we’re also extending the time for developers in India to integrate with the Play billing system, to ensure they have enough time to implement the UPI for subscription payment option that will be made available on Google Play.”

Still, the policy delay is another front in a rebellion that’s happening against Google and Apple’s app store policies and commissions. Over the past few weeks, Apple

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