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In Bid to Adapt, Equinox Designs Outdoor Gym for New York City

“Weather is not holding us back,” Nadia Biski, Equinox’s SVP of architecture and design, says to AD PRO. It’s a confident—and almost enthusiastic—statement that’s particularly striking at this moment. As October temperatures continue to drop, it’s becoming increasingly difficult not to think about upcoming inclement winter. Because for those in many regions of the country, the solace gained from an outdoor walk or socially distanced park outing will likely fall by and large by the wayside. 

That’s one reason it’s so interesting that Equinox would choose to open up a new outdoor gym in New York City this past weekend. The luxury fitness brand, which debuted its first space of this type earlier this year in Los Angeles, is part of a sector that has been particularly hard-hit by COVID-19. Chic home exercise equipment may be more in demand than ever before, but the same certainly can’t be said of

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