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Eric Trump Ditches Gun Store Stop Where Alleged Guv Kidnapping Plotter Used To Work

Eric Trump will no longer visit a gun store that used to employ a man now accused of plotting the kidnapping of the governor of Michigan, the gun store’s owner said.

The Trump campaign initially announced Eric’s planned Tuesday stop at the New Hudson, Michigan store on Friday, a day after the FBI announced that it had thwarted a plot to kidnap Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D). The Detroit News first reported the campaign’s change of plans Monday.

Six people face federal charges and seven face state charges in connection with the alleged plot.

Huron Valley Guns owner Ed Swadish did not disclose the name of the former employee, but a Facebook post from the store stated that the man had been fired after three weeks of work in February this year, the News reported. The former employee “would show up for work in a LOT of tactical gear,” the store’s

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Eric Dier’s Bizarre Mid-Match Bathroom Break Led To A Tottenham Win

English football sides are in a tough place right now, as games are happening extremely quickly in an attempt to pack a full season in following last campaign’s COVID-19 hiatus. This has led to a whole lot of matches in a relatively short period of time and some pretty weird things popping up through the first few weeks of the season.

An example of this came on Tuesday afternoon, when Tottenham Hotspur hosted Chelsea in the Carabao Cup just days after both sides played at the weekend. This led to Tottenham turning over much of its starting XI, with an exception being center back Eric Dier, who played 90 minutes on Sunday and followed that up with 90 minutes on Tuesday.

Still, it looked for a moment like Dier might have hit a bump in the road. During the second half against Chelsea with Spurs down 1-0, Dier disappeared for

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