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Queen unveils designs for Sandringham Estate play-area with spectacular climbing frame

This is the first look at the planned overhaul of the Queen’s Sandringham Estate playground redesign; set to include ‘landmarks’ of Norfolk estate.

A new sketch that was submitted as part of the planning application for the play area shows the extent of the huge revamp.

Last Wednesday it was announced that the Queen, 94, was planning to give the play area at Sandringham a complete makeover.

The spectacular new playground, which is set to replace the existing smaller play area, will be built amongst the trees and feature many similar features to those seen in Kate Middleton’s Back to Nature garden, including swings, stepping stones and treehouses.

A sketch of the play area showcases a wooden tower structure with a curling slide and accessibility ramp for children in wheelchairs.

The main feature will be a

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