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Microsoft Sets Fairer App Store Policies for Itself in Clear Dig at Apple

For absolutely no reason, no reason at all, Microsoft dropped a blog today outlining 10 app store principles that “[build] on the ideas and work of the Coalition for App Fairness,” a group of developers and companies that banded together against Apple’s draconian App Store policies.

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Just kidding. This blog post is Microsoft making a very strategically timed public statement of support for the growing movement for fairer app store policies. For context, earlier this week the House Judiciary antitrust subcommittee dropped a whopping 450-page report, a significant portion of which skewered Apple (and Google) for “exert[ing] monopoly power in the mobile app store market.”


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“For software developers, app stores have become a critical gateway to some of the world’s most popular digital platforms,” Rima Alaily, Microsoft’s vice president and deputy general counsel, writes in the blog. “We and others

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