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Armed robber fires gun in Florida store, tells clerk, ‘The next one’s for you’

Police in Florida released a dramatic video on Tuesday that they said shows an armed-robber confront a convenience store worker, fire off a shot, and tell the woman, “The next one’s for you.”

Deputies posted a video on social media. They said the incident occurred just before 11 p.m., on Saturday at a Shell gas station in Valrico, Fla., located 15 miles east of Tampa. 

“DO YOU RECOGNIZE THIS MAN? #teamHCSO is searching for the suspect seen in this video threatening a convenience store worker at gunpoint, firing a round inside the business, and running away with stolen cash,” according to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office on Facebook.


In the video, the unidentified robber was seen yelling at the clerk to open the register. The woman responded that she couldn’t and didn’t have the keys to the

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Virginia Beach firefighters warn about the dangers of kitchen fires

It’s Fire Prevention Week. This year’s campaign theme is “Serve Up Fire Safety in the Kitchen.”

The kitchen is the heart of most homes and as we prepare for the holidays, the Virginia Beach Fire Department has a warning for all families.

Just a moment away from the stove can lead to a race against the clock in the kitchen.

Virginia Beach firefighters demonstrated how that can easily happen in any home during a fire demo on Wednesday. The presentation was part of National Fire Prevention Week. This year’s campaign theme is “Serve Up Fire Safety in the Kitchen.”

“For the first nine months of this year, in Virginia Beach alone, we responded to well over 60 kitchen fires,” said Virginia Beach Fire Department Spokesperson Art Kohn.

Kohn said firefighters even responded to a kitchen fire on Wednesday morning.

“Unattended cooking is the leading cause for residential fires and the

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Citigroup fires tech executive who ran popular QAnon website

Citigroup has fired a senior vice president in the bank’s technology department after probing his outside job running the most prominent website devoted to QAnon, a debunked yet popular conspiracy theory. 

Jason Gelinas was put on paid leave in September after being identified as the person behind the site and related mobile apps. His role was first reported by, a fact-checking site.

“Mr. Gelinas is no longer employed by Citi. Our code of conduct includes specific policies that employees are required to adhere to, and when breaches are identified, the firm takes action,” a spokesperson for the bank told CBS MoneyWatch.

“As outlined in our code of conduct, employees are required to disclose and obtain approvals for outside business activities,” the spokesperson added.

It was hardly a typical side hustle, according to media accounts of Gelinas’s alleged moonlighting. The former Citi executive is credited with helping transform an

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Citigroup fires employee who ran QAnon conspiracy theory website

  • Citigroup has fired an employee who ran a website dedicated to QAnon, the far-right conspiracy theory alleging that President Donald Trump is fighting a cabal of human traffickers. 
  • Jason Gelinas, a New Jersey employee of the company, was previously put on paid leave when reported that he operated, a main aggregator of “Q drops,” the messages that are the foundation of the conspiracy theory. 
  • Gelinas’ QAnon website earned 10 million monthly visitors, according to the analytics firm SimilarWeb.  
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Citigroup has fired an employee who ran a popular website dedicated to the QAnon conspiracy theory, Bloomberg News first reported on Tuesday. 

Jason Gelinas, a New Jersey man who worked at Citigroup as an information technology specialist, operated the website, which recently earned 10 million average monthly views, according to data from SimilarWeb, a digital analytics firm. 

A spokesperson for Citigroup told

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