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Countdown to Zero, Winnebago Man, Soul Kitchen, Flipped and Resident Evil in 3D


But first …


FYI: How to live with the new parking rules at Tinseltown. The signs say you get two hours free, and have to pay $4 an hour beyond that. You can’t get through most movies, plus commercials and trailers in less than two hours so do you have to pay? I’m told that for movie goers, it’s still three free hours but that you should hold on to your ticket stub in case Impark, the new operators since September 1, give you a ticket. Apparently, you’ll be able to dispute it. I’ll be interested to hear if it works.




COUNTDOWN TO ZERO: Forget the horror movies, this is the scariest film around right now. It’s also more than a little alarmist and fear-mongering but ultimately useful in presenting a mass of disturbing evidence. In other words, this is a very effective documentary.


Who worries about the atom bomb

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