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Jersey City Council has plan to flush away filthy port-a-potties

Jersey City residents may not have to “just hold it” when they pass a port-a-potty in the future.

The City Council introduced an ordinance Wednesday that will establish maintenance and cleaning standards for portable lavatories, flushing away unkempt port-a-potties around the city.

The legislation would require port-a-potties to be cleaned at least once a week, including the removal of waste from toilets, deodorizing and sanitizing the interior, as well as restocking hand soaps, sanitizers and hand towels.

Council President Joyce Watterman said residents who live near Berry Lane Park complained about a port-a-potty in the park that was filthy. She said the city had to track down the company that owns the portable toilet to get it cleaned.

Watterman said due to COVID-19 restrictions that closed some public bathrooms, port-a-potties should not currently be in parks.

“People were constantly using it and it was filthy,” Watterman said.

“I just want

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