Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Tennesseans turned out to polling sites to cast their votes in person — while staying 6 feet apart — on Aug. 6, 2020.

Nashville Tennessean

On a sunny September day, Jenn Foley climbed the stairs to place her palm card in the front door of a downtown Franklin home. 

Donning a face mask, Foley wove her way through the neighborhood, leaving her information for her Democratic campaign at doors rather than knocking and talking to potential voters.

This is Foley’s latest way of campaigning for District 65 in the Tennessee House of Representatives in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Her district spans from Fairview to downtown Franklin, heading south to include much of Spring Hill. Earlier in the day, she met with other local Democratic campaigns in the Whole Foods parking lot to connect with volunteers and share her materials to drop at homes.