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Early Terrible wine bar a funky-casual winner

Note: Since March, in recognition of the extraordinary challenges faced by restaurants during the coronavirus pandemic, Susie Davidson Powell’s reports on the dining scene have been presented with the label “Critic’s Notebook.”  With indoor dining reopened for more than three months locally and more restaurants again offering full-service meals at full price, Powell’s return to reviewing will assess the dining experience even as restaurants operate with state-mandated restrictions in place. Starting today, review-style assessments will bear the label “Matters of Taste. Should state-mandated dining restrictions tighten once more, or if a particular week’s piece is a dining round-up or thematic essay , it will feature as a Critic’s Notebook.

If your hopes of flying to warmer climes are being dashed with every coronavirus spike, you’re not alone. But if you’re looking for casual food with a vibe, Early Terrible in Woodstock is here to help. With an identity built around … Read More