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How the PGA Tour made the one-year move of its Asian events to America work | Golf World

At present, South Korea has some rather severe restrictions for incoming travelers. Any foreigner visiting the country is required to download an app at the airport and undergo a mandatory two-week quarantine period. In addition, no visitor is permitted to fly domestically within South Korea until completing the 14-day requirement. It’s part of the nation’s largely successful strategy to mitigate the impact of COVID-19—South Korea was one of the first countries to experience a major outbreak, but contact-tracing efforts and an advanced testing apparatus have coincided with steadily dropping infection and death rates.

On that front, it’s hard to argue with the mandatory quarantine. But as far as holding a golf tournament goes? It’s a bit of a deal-breaker.

“When those restrictions took place,” said Ty Votaw, executive vice president and chief marketing officer for the PGA Tour, when discussing the status of the tour’s Asian swing events, “we were

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