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The Future of Hotel Design

At Virgin Hotels in Chicago, Dallas and Nashville, and coming to Las Vegas early next year, the company’s app was made more robust this year to control room lights, temperature and television. Room configurations separate the back bedroom from the dressing room near the hallway with a barn door behind which guests can remain, allowing attendants access to make deliveries without contact.

“We don’t make you sign the room-service check,” said Raul Leal, the chief executive of Virgin Hotels. “That’s an archaic accounting tool.”

Not every hotel can offer outdoor dining year-round. Neither can their restaurants thrive with the capacity restrictions forced by social distancing requirements. The solution: Make the entire hotel a dining area. And throw in robotic servers.

“This is meant to be an answer to how do you deconstruct the restaurant experience so you don’t have to eat in one small place,”

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Raulino Silva Arquitecto designs a hotel for cats and dogs in Portugal

Canine and Feline Hotel is accommodation for animals in Parada, Portugal, built on an old vineyard by local studio Raulino Silva Arquitecto.

a herd of sheep grazing on a lush green field

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Three light white-grey blocks, connected by external corridors, form the dog and cat hotel complex, which has been shortlisted for hospitality building of the year at Dezeen Awards 2020.

a bridge over a body of water: The pet hotel accommodates cats and dogs

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The pet hotel accommodates cats and dogs

Pets whose owners are away travelling for work or holidays can bring their animal companions to stay and enjoy the facilities of the Canine and Feline Hotel, which include a grooming parlour and a pet pool.

An on-site veterinarian has an office in one of the blocks, alongside the grooming rooms.

a large building: All the kennels have big windows

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All the kennels have big windows

Across the courtyard is the cat accommodation, with twelve individual rooms facing inwards towards an indoor play area for the feline guests lit

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42 Cheap Little Upgrades That Make You Feel Like You’re Living In A Hotel

Even though I live in a rental apartment, I’m constantly on the lookout for cool ways to improve my space. There’s only one catch: whatever I’m doing has to be affordable. You wouldn’t spend hundreds of dollars upgrading a home you don’t own, right? That’s why I always head to Amazon — they’ve got tons of cheap home upgrades that are so chic you’ll feel like you’re living in a hotel.

Imagine coming home to find your bathroom stocked with aromatic shower bombs — or a luxurious bath pillow that’s extra plush. Come to think of it, when was the last time you upgraded your bedding? I’ve made sure to include silky satin pillowcases, a quilted mattress pad, and a set of sheets that are wrinkle- as well as fade-resistant. And don’t get me started on the calming foot bath, because I’ve already added one to my cart.

No matter

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11 cleaning secrets to steal from hotel housekeepers


France lawmakers to look at legalising abortion up to 14 weeks

The French parliament is on Thursday debating a bill that would extend the legal deadline for abortion from 12 to 14 weeks.  Coming 45 years after Simone Veil’s landmark law legalised abortion, the move would make France “one of the world’s most progressive countries”, argued MP Albane Gaillot, the bill’s architect.“Some women encounter difficulties in their access to abortion; this has been exacerbated by the health crisis,” Gaillot, a former member of President Emmanuel Macron’s Le République en Marche party (LReM), told FranceInfo.“It is clear that lockdowns make it difficult for women to leave their homes … There are also great disparities between different territories … Whether you live in the Nièvre [central eastern France] or in Villejuif [a suburb of Paris], you don’t have quite the same sort of access.” The text, Gaillot added, aims to “perpetuate,

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11 cleaning secrets to steal from hotel housekeeping

From Country Living

1. They clear the clutter first

Maria Stickney, the Housekeeping Manager at a Radisson Blu hotel likes to clear the clutter out of a room, so she can start with a blank slate. She empties the bins, removes the linens, towels, and anything else left behind. In the bathroom, she clears the towels, bathmats, bottles, and everything on the counters. “This removes the temptation of just wiping around these items or picking them up and immediately placing them back down on a wet surface, which can leave ring marks,” she says.

2. They prefer microfibre cloths – but reach for clever substitutes in a pinch

The secret to efficient dusting is a proper cleaning cloth. “Microfibre is the best,” says Agustin Canongo, the Director of Housekeeping at Loews Vanderbilt Hotel in Tennessee. “If you don’t have one, use a rag that’s 100% cotton — like a (clean)

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