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HUMMER EV, GMC designs and other car news

Dan Scanlan
| Florida Times-Union

EV Hummer gets ‘crabby’

GM’s new electric Hummer will be able to go sideways. Or in GMC-speak, it will “crab.” The new GMC HUMMER EV will be revealed on Tuesday, Oct. 20. And as a video on its new website at shows, it will have Crab Mode. Due to its four-wheel steering capability, the HUMMER EV can move in a diagonal direction. GMC says that’s “tailor-made for off-roading customers.” Customer reservations begin on Oct. 20 at

Dream designs from GMC

Meanwhile, GMC has shown some designs its team of stylists have been playing with in their spare time. But be aware – the renderings popped on Instagram are just dream designs. Karan Moorjani drew a sleek-yet-muscular Sierra pickup with glaring thin LED headlights and a flowing fender flares to its body design, plus low roof and snarling grill. Then Joe Boniface’s future GMC

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