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IKEA launches its online store in Mexico

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  • The IKEA online store has 16 categories and deliveries only in Mexico City and the metropolitan area.
  • Product shipments will cost 79 pesos in acquisitions of up to 24 kilograms and 500 pesos in larger packages.

The first physical store of IKEA, a furniture, decoration and design trade of Swedish origin, would open in Mexico in the fall of this 2020. However, the COVID-19 situation arrived that caused the change of many plans.

Faced with this situation, the Swedish giant opened its online store in Mexico, with 16 categories and with deliveries only in Mexico City and the metropolitan area, so far.

“At the moment, our home delivery service is only available for Mexico City (except Milpa Alta mayor’s office) and 10 municipalities in the State of Mexico,” the company explains on its website .

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Product shipments will cost 79

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Ikea opens first-ever used furniture store

Ikea, the Swedish retailer known for its meatballs and affordable furniture, is taking a different approach to outfitting interiors with a new concept store.

The company will open its first secondhand store later this year in Sweden’s ReTuna mall, a retail complex completely made up of resale stores. The move was first reported by The Local. The new store will sell previously owned furniture and home goods that have been refurbished for purchase.

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The resale store is part of a larger push by the brand to become completely circular by 2030. Last year, Ikea launched a program to lease its kitchens and furniture, and many of its stores also have “bargain” sections of refurbished returned items. This will be the first store completely made up of refurbished items.

It’s easy to imagine that the store is a strategic move to correct for the perception that Ikea is

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Ikea is opening its first store that only sells refurbished furniture

  • This fall, furniture giant Ikea is opening its first store that will only sell refurbished furniture or products made from recycled or renewable materials, according to a recent press release.
  • The new store will be located in the ReTuna shopping mall in Sweden.
  • Ikea also recently announced it’s committing an additional $707 million (600 million euros) to become carbon positive by 2030.
  • Carbon positive means a company removes more greenhouse gases than it produces.
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This fall, Ikea is opening its first store that will only sell refurbished furniture and sustainably produced products. The second-hand store will open in the city or Eskilstuna, Sweden, specifically in the ReTuna shopping mall, the world’s first “recycles mall,” where everything sold there is refurbished or recycled. 

“The climate crisis cannot be solved in theory, it has to be solved in practice,” Jonas Carlehed, sustainability manager of Ikea

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