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College students create bath and skin care products from local ingredients to support farmers and minimize waste from plastic packaging

There’s an implication that the younger generation aren’t as enthusiastic about agriculture as their parents and elders are. Due to the rise of technology and modernization, they tend to have different interests that mostly revolve around what’s trending. 

Still, this sweeping generalization didn’t hold sway for a group of first-year college students who started a bath and skin care line known as Bituin which aims to help the country’s farmers. 

Bituin is composed of three people, Jade the founder, and its co-founders Andal and Marquez, who wish to remain anonymous at this point in time since they envisioned that their venture would be primarily associated with the local farmers. 

“Our intention is to create and produce cheap but quality zero-waste hygiene products accessible to the masses,” the trio said. 

Established in July 2020, Bituin aims to sell zero-waste bath and skincare products using locally sourced natural products to ultimately help

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