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6 Interesting Architectural Details to Consider in Your Next Home Build

Part of being a successful real estate investor is knowing the trends to understand what people will likely want in a home moving forward. Tastes change over time, people live new and different lifestyles, and technology improves. So if you’re wondering what architectural details to include in your next home build, read on for some ideas.

People didn’t always use their basement for a game room, exercise facility, or extended living space; back in the day, it was typically used only for storage, laundry, and as a makeshift bathroom — complete with a stand-alone toilet in the middle of the room. People began to finish their basements, giving new life to this underused space. But those basements still felt like afterthoughts, mainly because of their low ceilings.

To get around that issue, new home builds can include a deeper foundation for the basement. By having the builder dig deeper, your

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An interesting look at South African website traffic during the lockdown

Narratiive released its September 2020 statistics, which showed that News24, IOL, and BusinessTech are the largest news publications in South Africa.

Narratiive is the official traffic measurement partner of the IAB South Africa and provides accurate traffic and demographics statistics for South Africa’s top online publishers.

Last month, News24 attracted a readership of 11.4 million unique browsers, followed by IOL with 6.2 million, and BusinessTech with 5.7 million.

The top 10 is completed by TimesLive, Gumtree, EWN, The South African, Citizen, Daily Maverick, and Vodacom.

It should be noted that only websites which are part of the IAB South Africa and run Narratiive code are included in this comparison.

This means that other large websites like the banks, Takealot, and Bidorbuy are not listed.

The table below lists the readership figures for South Africa’s largest online publications, based on the September 2020 Narratiive report.

Top Online Publications in South Africa
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