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Fifth person dies from New Jersey furniture store fire

The mother of two young girls killed last week in a fire at a furniture store in Elizabeth, New Jersey, has also died from injuries she sustained in the blaze, a city spokesperson said Tuesday.

Merlyn Vasquez, 36, died at a hospital on Thursday, days after a fire broke out in a two-story commercial building in Elizabeth, located in the northern part of the state. Her daughters Daniela Marquez, 8, and Paola Marquez, 10, were killed in the blaze on Oct. 5.

Image: Daniella Marquez, Paola Marquez and Merlyn Vasquez (via NBC NY)
Image: Daniella Marquez, Paola Marquez and Merlyn Vasquez (via NBC NY)

A third child, Elizabeth Correas, 11, and a 41-year-old woman, Candida Martinez-Del Reyes, were also killed. said Correas was a friend of the two sisters. It’s not believed that Reyes had any connection to the other victims, said Kelly Martins, public information officer for the city of Elizabeth. The victims had been shopping for furniture at

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Jersey City Council has plan to flush away filthy port-a-potties

Jersey City residents may not have to “just hold it” when they pass a port-a-potty in the future.

The City Council introduced an ordinance Wednesday that will establish maintenance and cleaning standards for portable lavatories, flushing away unkempt port-a-potties around the city.

The legislation would require port-a-potties to be cleaned at least once a week, including the removal of waste from toilets, deodorizing and sanitizing the interior, as well as restocking hand soaps, sanitizers and hand towels.

Council President Joyce Watterman said residents who live near Berry Lane Park complained about a port-a-potty in the park that was filthy. She said the city had to track down the company that owns the portable toilet to get it cleaned.

Watterman said due to COVID-19 restrictions that closed some public bathrooms, port-a-potties should not currently be in parks.

“People were constantly using it and it was filthy,” Watterman said.

“I just want

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Memorial designs unveiled | Jersey Evening Post

Children and Housing Minister Sam Mezec with designs for a memorial to children in care (29346426)

The memorial forms part of the government’s response to the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry after a citizens’ panel – that includes survivors of child abuse – recommended that a memorial be erected as part of a legacy project to acknowledge victims and their families.

The 2017 inquiry report laid bare a catalogue of failings in Jersey’s care system over many decades which allowed abuse of children to be perpetrated and go undetected.

The designs are on display at Private & Public’s gallery in Phillips Street from today until Saturday, between 10am and 6pm each day. Islanders will be able to visit the gallery to see the designs as well as viewing them online.

The citizens’ panel would like to hear Islanders’ views about the designs before the final choice is announced in November.


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The Bathroom Remodel Checklist For New Jersey Homeowners

This post is sponsored and contributed by a Patch Brand Partner. The views expressed in this post are the author’s own.

A little extra planning can ensure you end up with a bathroom you love.
A little extra planning can ensure you end up with a bathroom you love. (Shutterstock)

But to ensure you get a space that is tailored to your needs, you’ll want to do some planning ahead of time. Take these five steps before contacting a professional.

1. Plan Your Design

While professional bathroom remodelers will be able to help you make structural decisions, it’s wise for you to know ahead of time what you’d like the end result to look like. Do a little brainstorming to come up with concrete ideas, like, “I’d like a freestanding tub and separate shower,”

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3 Girls and 1 Woman Killed in New Jersey Furniture Store Fire After They Were Trapped Behind a Metal Gate

youtube Fire

Three young girls and one woman are dead after they were trapped behind a metal gate while trying to escape from a five-alarm fire at furniture store in New Jersey.

The devastating blaze occurred on Monday night at a two-story commercial building in Elizabeth that housed a dollar store on the ground floor and a furniture shop on the second level, Kelly Martins, a public information officer for the city, tells PEOPLE.

Authorities believe the fire was sparked by a soda machine located on the ground floor and the flames quickly spread to the upper level, where all the victims were located.

The victims initially tried to escape through a rear staircase that connected to the dollar store, but the smoke was too heavy and pushed them to another exit that was blocked by a metal gate, according to Martins.

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