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Jon Bon Jovi Talks Optimism, Recording During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Why Everyone Should ‘Do What You Can’

“Livin’ on a Prayer” singer Jon Bon Jovi, 58, celebrates the new decade with 2020, his namesake band’s 15th studio album (releasing Oct. 2). It’s fortified with the kind of feel-good, stadium-rock anthems that Bon Jovi fans love and other songs dealing with the issues of today, including the COVID-19 crisis. Bon Jovi also runs three nonprofit JBJ Soul Kitchen restaurants in New Jersey, with the goal of building community and providing meals and training to those in need.

Why such socially conscious themes?

2020 is the most unique year that any of us has ever lived. Because of the pandemic, the state of political affairs and the divisions, it’s a distinctly different time than I have ever known in my lifetime. I’m at a place in my life and career that I can be a witness and write about it. “Do What You Can” is one of

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