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Ancient ritual bath makes journey to new kibbutz home

A 2000-year-old ritual bath (mikveh) that provides the first significant evidence that there were Jewish farmsteads in the Galilee during the Second Temple Period was transferred on Tuesday to Kibbutz Hannaton in the Galilee.

The ancient facility was revealed during a salvage excavation by the Antiquities Authority in preparation for construction work of a new highway intersection near the kibbutz and was slated for destruction.

Kibbutz residents launched a crowd-funding campaign for the project earlier this year, with the goal of saving the ancient mikveh and placing it next to the modern, functioning mikveh on the religiously pluralistic kibbutz.

With support from the IAA, the Ministry of Jerusalem and Heritage, Netivei Israel, the Jezreel Valley Regional Council and the kibbutz residents, the campaign received the funding needed to move the ancient mikveh.

Anat Harrel, a tour guide and member of the mikveh committee at Kibbutz Hannaton, was ecstatic that the
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