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Bed Bath & Beyond sees a boost, Sheila Bridges’s new kicks, and more

It’s October, and whether or not you find yourself leaning into the spooky season, John Derian is—in a whimsical collection with Target, he’s designed 50 eerie accents and home decor pieces. No matter your mood, read on for headlines, launches and events, recommended reading, and more.


Last week, Bed Bath & Beyond reported second-quarter earnings, and the results pleasantly surprised investors. The Motley Fool’s Howard Smith writes that the home retailer reported an increase in comparable-store sales for the first time since 2016, boasting an 89 percent growth spurt in its e-commerce division—despite foreboding cost cuts, store closures and other restructuring announcements a few weeks prior. “Bed Bath & Beyond’s successful quarter reflects the renewed interest in home improvement as consumers continue to spend more time working from home, and adding to the comfort of being at home,” he adds.

Fall High Point Market is just a

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