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Delhiwale: Life with a kitchen novelty – delhi news

It is taking so much space in the small kitchen. But Babua Singh won’t crib about that. “You stack the bartan (dishes) in it, go to office, and when you come back in the evening everything is spotlessly clean and dry,” she says.

A textile designer, Ms Singh is showing her newly acquired dish-washing machine in the Ghaziabad flat that she shares with her husband and college-going daughter. Like many middle-class households, Ms Singh used to depend on the services of a part-time house maid for washing the dishes. The coronavirus pandemic changed that as visits from the outside now involve fears of getting the virus. Ms Singh says she nevertheless supported Asha, her long-time housemaid, until she left for her village in Bihar a couple of months ago.

While her family would give a hand in household chores during the ongoing pandemic, Ms Singh would still find herself too

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Small Grant Program for home repairs now available – News – Bedford Minuteman

The Bedford Municipal Affordable Housing Trust is now accepting applications for the Small Grant Program, designed to help Bedford home owners make necessary repairs to their homes for safety and health reasons.

The Small Grant Program provides up to $4,000 for qualified Bedford applicants. Applications will be evaluated and prioritized based on health and safety considerations and financial need of the applicant. Grants will be awarded in January 2021, with an application deadline of Nov. 16.

Examples of eligible projects that correct substandard conditions and health and safety issues include plumbing or electrical work, light carpentry, doorbell switch, window repairs, gutters or downspouts, door repairs or replacements, step or porch repairs, lock repair or replacement, cement work or masonry repair, tiling and plaster patching, sheet-rock repair

smoke/carbon monoxide detectors, weather stripping and bathroom grab bars.

The process is designed to be simple and quick.

To be eligible:

• The property

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Dover Doins: Small cottage homes could help fill a big need – News –

There are many discussions about these two words: perception and reality. They came to my mind while reading some reactions shared on social media, particularly about the proposal for 44 single-family “cottages” to be built in Dover. They are described as a cluster of “single family detached cottages” 384 square feet each, with kitchen/living room, bedroom and bath.

The developers are proposing these as addressing need for affordable housing locally.

Let’s talk about living in this modest space and the reaction by many members of the social media. Some yeah, some nay, and of course, as is the nature of the beast, many suggesting changes.

The first qualification popping up is of course, money. Here’s where our first thoughts of perception and reality come in. It is suggested that these homes will be rentals as opposed to purchased units.

The developers suggest $800 to $1,000 per month rent as something

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Home remodels are booming in Santa Fe | Local News

The perfect storm of home renovations is upon us.

So many people are spending so much time at home these days that a dwelling’s imperfections become that much more apparent.

Against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic and a home sales boom in which buyers are willing to invest in long-term changes once they get the keys, Santa Fe remodeling companies are booked solid with orders.

“It’s in hyperdrive right now,” said Steve Pompei, owner of Pompei’s Home Remodeling in Santa Fe. “I am stacking jobs into next summer. My lead time is usually two to three months.”

Remodeling in Santa Fe boomed during the last recession a dozen years ago, an outgrowth of what then was a home-sales bust. Many of those builders-turned-remodelers remain in the game and say they find themselves with plenty of work in the COVID age.

“The only thing that has happened in COVID is

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Midtown-Hell’s Kitchen, NY Coronavirus Updates & News For October 10

Upper East Side, NY |

Covid Patient Meets His Plasma Donor | Art Week Underway | VP Debate Lights Up Building | Hospital Marks 1,000th Birth

UES Race Turns Turbulent | Upper East Side Week In Review
(Nick Garber/Patch / Liz Fine / NewYork-Presbyterian / Campaigns of Patrick Bobilin, Rebecca Seawright, Lou Puliafito)

UPPER EAST SIDE, NY — Miss any headlines on the Upper East Side this week? Patch’s week in review has you covered for the neighborhood’s top news…. Read more

New York City, NY |

Closures Hit COVID-19 Hotspots | Schools Shuttered | Students Choose Remote Learning | Murders Hit High

NEW YORK CITY — Here’s a roundup of the top citywide headlines from New York City this week…. Read more

New York City, NY |

As the U.S. still reels from the pandemic’s economic fallout, the state’s billionaires all vastly increased their wealth, Forbes found.

NEW YORK – Everyday New Yorkers might be struggling from

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Rolling H Cycles’ raffle raising money for Boys and Girls Club’s new kitchen | Local News

NAMPA — The Boys and Girls Club of Nampa serves about 400 meals a day, and some staff spend their entire shifts picking up and delivering food from other locations because the nonprofit can’t make in-house meals. 

Downtown Nampa bike shop Rolling H Cycles is sponsoring a monthlong fundraiser, called Ride Bikes for Kids, through October in hopes of raising $50,000 for the Boys and Girls Club of Nampa to fund a commercial kitchen. General manager Jessica Wyman said Rolling H staff are promoting the fundraiser through social media and newsletters, and by riding bikes through the community to tell people about it. 

Every $20 donation is entered into a drawing for a custom-built bicycle from Rolling H, a Niner AIR 9 RDO with a more than $5,000 value. The drawing will take place Nov. 1. You can donate to the fundraiser by visiting the Boys and Girls Club of

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At Home: Dorm decor pairs space savers, personal style – News – The Topeka Capital-Journal

Washburn University freshman and art education major Ella Prengel may have moved away from home and into the dorms this fall, but she took pieces of home with her and incorporated them into her dorm décor.

“When I was deciding how I was going to decorate my dorm room, I definitely thought about how my room was at home, so I have a lot of my art stuff, pictures of my friends and stuff that reminds me of home,” she said.

Prengel lives in a suite, which consists of two sleeping spaces that house two students each, with an adjoining shared bathroom, a configuration that many universities are adopting as they remodel dormitories built in the 1950s and 1960s to meet the needs of modern students.

After being quarantined for the first two weeks of the school year, Prengel said she and her suitemates were eager to get settled into

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HUMMER EV, GMC designs and other car news

Dan Scanlan
| Florida Times-Union

EV Hummer gets ‘crabby’

GM’s new electric Hummer will be able to go sideways. Or in GMC-speak, it will “crab.” The new GMC HUMMER EV will be revealed on Tuesday, Oct. 20. And as a video on its new website at shows, it will have Crab Mode. Due to its four-wheel steering capability, the HUMMER EV can move in a diagonal direction. GMC says that’s “tailor-made for off-roading customers.” Customer reservations begin on Oct. 20 at

Dream designs from GMC

Meanwhile, GMC has shown some designs its team of stylists have been playing with in their spare time. But be aware – the renderings popped on Instagram are just dream designs. Karan Moorjani drew a sleek-yet-muscular Sierra pickup with glaring thin LED headlights and a flowing fender flares to its body design, plus low roof and snarling grill. Then Joe Boniface’s future GMC

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Midtown-Hell’s Kitchen, NY Coronavirus Updates & News For October 9

New York City, NY |

For your coronavirus stress baking, head to a pumpkin patch near NYC and make a perfect from-scratch pumpkin pie.

Pumpkin picking is a fun way to enjoy fall near NYC.
Pumpkin picking is a fun way to enjoy fall near NYC. (Adam Nichols/Patch)

NEW YORK CITY – The past several months have kindled new interest in baking as Americans spend more time hunkering down at home to avoid the coronavirus. Buying a pumpkin for a jack-o’-lantern is one reason to visit pumpkin patches near NYC, but 2020 could also be the year to make pumpkin pies from scratch…. Read more

Prospect Heights-Crown Heights, NY |

The mayor called for a clearer NYPD strategy on protests in Borough Park about new coronavirus restrictions, which turned violent this week.

BOROUGH PARK, BROOKLYN — Mayor Bill de Blasio called for immediate consequences Thursday in the “unacceptable” assault of a reporter who was covering a second night of

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Artistry meets industry at Plymouth’s 1620 Designs – News – The Taunton Daily Gazette, Taunton, MA

Natalie Chochrek runs a sign making and wood carving business in the carriage house behind her home.

PLYMOUTH — There’s a lot going on at Natalie Chochrek’s house.

There are kids running around, a half-finished batting cage in the back yard and a full-fledged sign making, wood carving business in the carriage house out back. And, despite the chaos that seems never ending, Chochrek says she’s finally hitting her groove.

With her trusty laser cutter, pallets of wood and acrylic and a little creativity, Chochrek runs 1620 Designs out of the carriage house behind her Plymouth home. What started out as a small side project selling custom cutting boards and coasters online has turned into a full-time job that has her creating custom signs for local restaurants and businesses.

“It was a lot of trial and error. I gave up a couple of times, but I’m glad they didn’t stick

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