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Raulino Silva Arquitecto designs a hotel for cats and dogs in Portugal

Canine and Feline Hotel is accommodation for animals in Parada, Portugal, built on an old vineyard by local studio Raulino Silva Arquitecto.

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Three light white-grey blocks, connected by external corridors, form the dog and cat hotel complex, which has been shortlisted for hospitality building of the year at Dezeen Awards 2020.

a bridge over a body of water: The pet hotel accommodates cats and dogs

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The pet hotel accommodates cats and dogs

Pets whose owners are away travelling for work or holidays can bring their animal companions to stay and enjoy the facilities of the Canine and Feline Hotel, which include a grooming parlour and a pet pool.

An on-site veterinarian has an office in one of the blocks, alongside the grooming rooms.

a large building: All the kennels have big windows

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All the kennels have big windows

Across the courtyard is the cat accommodation, with twelve individual rooms facing inwards towards an indoor play area for the feline guests lit

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