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Store Modern, Traditional, Classic, Upscale Inside Furniture — HUDSON INSIDE DESIGNS Boston, MA

Bathroom Designs,Bathroom Idea,Home Improvement,Kitchen Design,Kitchen IdeasMost individuals suppose ” small rest room ,” they usually think cramped shower stalls, dim lighting, and vanities stuffed to the gills. The spacious bathroom has a protruding section holding giant windows in white panels, with an enormous white tub in the middle of it. There are excessive cabinets in strong white laminates on the aspect, while the flooring are lined in giant veined white tiles. The minimal really feel of this toilet is enhanced by the cacti and the simple, retro dial radio sitting near the bathtub.

White kitchens can give a sleek and clear feel, but remember you might have to do a bit extra cleaning of those cabinet doorways if you want the whole lot to remain shiny and recent. The lavatory is the most non-public room in a house because it has restricted space, home windows (usually lined with blinds or curtains ), and only one … Read More

What’s in Store for Edwards Lifesciences’ (EW) Q3 Earnings?

Edwards Lifesciences Corporation EW is slated to report third-quarter 2020 results on Oct 21, after market close.

In the last reported quarter, the company posted an earnings surprise of 126.67%.

Let’s see how things are shaping up prior to this announcement.

Factors at Play

Critical Care

The third-quarter results are expected to reflect a mixed performance by the core Critical Care product group. The pandemic has continued to impact the procedural volumes in the segment, as elective procedures have been deferred. Global demand has been soft due to the pandemic-led business disruptions over the past few months.

However, management is optimistic about the robust customer adoption of the TruWave disposable pressure monitoring devices, despite the challenging pandemic-led market conditions. This is likely to be reflected in the third-quarter results. Robust demand for Edwards Lifesciences’ ICU products is also likely to have boosted the top line.

However, a decline in HemoSphere

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ConocoPhillips in Talks to Buy Concho: What’s in Store?

ConocoPhillips COP is considering the acquisition of smaller rival Concho Resources Inc. CXO, per Bloomberg. The current market volatility might trigger more acquisitions in the oil and gas space.

Although any final decision regarding the acquisition is yet to be made, there’s a chance that a deal might be finalized in the next few weeks. A massive $38.2-billion upstream company, ConocoPhillips’ acquisition of Concho Resources — a $8.8-billion company — will likely lead to the creation of one of the biggest exploration and production companies in the world.

The move is expected to boost ConocoPhillips’ oil-rich Permian Basin acreages. Spanning 800,000 gross (550,000 net) acres, Concho Resources’ assets are spread over high-quality land across the core Delaware and Midland Basins. Total second-quarter production for ConocoPhillips and Concho Resources were recorded at 1.3 million barrels of oil equivalent per day, per Bloomberg.

Now, a question may arise whether ConocoPhillips’ balance sheet

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What do Democrats have in store for Amy Coney Barrett?

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WHAT DO DEMOCRATS HAVE IN STORE FOR AMY CONEY BARRETT? The short version of the Barrett Supreme Court confirmation hearings so far is that Democrats have not laid a glove on President Trump’s nominee. On issues of the law, there’s no way they can. Barrett (like previous SCOTUS nominees from both parties, but perhaps even more so) knows more about the law than the members of the committee, and also appears to have led an exemplary life.

But remember this: Back in 2018, the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation did not turn into a total disaster until after the hearings were over. Yes, there were signs that the fight might turn ugly. There were protesters in the audience each day, and they regularly interrupted the proceedings before police dragged them out of

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Contactless checkout: Why it’s coming to the bodega before the chain store


Autonomous checkout is a new reality, which doesn’t require any physical scanning of objects, is fast becoming a reality. What’s surprising is that the capability may be coming to the small corner stores before it hits major grocery chains. 

COVID-19 has certainly hastened development and rollout of the technology. Where I live in Los Angeles, it’s striking how popular corner stores during the frenzied early days of the pandemic when lines at super markets sometimes stretched around the block. Since then, a new “touchless” reality has set in, and developers are keen to capitalize.

I recently wrote about a company called Standard, which is bringing autonomous checkout to college campuses with an emphasis on retrofitting existing retail concepts. There have also been novel checkout technologies that utilize an AI-powered shopping cart to clock which items customers are nabbing. Caper, creators of one such cart, recently expanded its product line of

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How Venus flytraps store short-term ‘memories’ of prey

A Venus flytrap’s short-term “memory” can last about 30 seconds. If an insect taps the plant’s sensitive hairs only once, the trap remains still. But if the insect taps again within about half a minute, the carnivorous plant’s leaves snap shut, ensnaring its prey.

How Venus flytraps (Dionaea muscipula) remember that initial touch has been a mystery. A new study reveals that the plants do so using calcium, researchers report online October 5 in Nature Plants.

Scientists know that some plants have a type of long-term memory, says study coauthor Mitsuyasu Hasebe, a biologist at the National Institute for Basic Biology in Okazaki, Japan. One example is vernalization, whereby plants remember long periods of winter cold as a signal to flower in the spring. But short-term memory is more enigmatic, and “this is the first direct evidence of the involvement of calcium,” Hasebe says.

Even though the

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Rite Aid debuts its ‘store of the future’

At the Rite Aid store in the Newberry Pointe shopping center in Newberry Township, York County, the outside of the building looks mostly the same although there are some changes and the new logo appears on the facility. But, shoppers who enter the store will notice big changes.

This week, East Pennsboro Township-based Rite Aid introduced the first two pilot stores of what the company is calling “the store of the future” which is part of a $700 million store overhaul the drugstore chain announced in March. The investment is part of its new corporate strategy known as the “Rx Revolution” which it said will not only change what the stores look like but how they operate and what they sell.

The store in Newberry Township and another store in New Hampshire opened under the new model on Sunday and the company held a grand opening on Tuesday. The stores

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Armed robber fires gun in Florida store, tells clerk, ‘The next one’s for you’

Police in Florida released a dramatic video on Tuesday that they said shows an armed-robber confront a convenience store worker, fire off a shot, and tell the woman, “The next one’s for you.”

Deputies posted a video on social media. They said the incident occurred just before 11 p.m., on Saturday at a Shell gas station in Valrico, Fla., located 15 miles east of Tampa. 

“DO YOU RECOGNIZE THIS MAN? #teamHCSO is searching for the suspect seen in this video threatening a convenience store worker at gunpoint, firing a round inside the business, and running away with stolen cash,” according to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office on Facebook.


In the video, the unidentified robber was seen yelling at the clerk to open the register. The woman responded that she couldn’t and didn’t have the keys to the

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Making Money Off Masks, COVID-Spawned Chain Store Aims to Become Obsolete

LONE TREE, Colo. — Darcy Velasquez, 42, and her mother, Roberta Truax, were walking recently in the Park Meadows mall about 15 miles south of downtown Denver, looking for Christmas gifts for Velasquez’s two children, when they spotted a store with a display of rhinestone-studded masks.

It’s an immutable truth of fashion: Sparkles can go a long way with a 9-year-old.

The store is called COVID-19 Essentials. And it may well be the country’s first retail chain dedicated solely to an infectious disease.

With many U.S. stores closing during the coronavirus pandemic, especially inside malls, the owners of this chain have seized on the empty space, as well as the world’s growing acceptance that wearing masks is a reality that may last well into 2021, if not longer. Masks have evolved from a utilitarian, anything-you-can-find-that-works product into another way to express one’s personality, political leanings or sports fandom.

And the

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Apple Online Store Goes Down Ahead of iPhone 12 Apple Event

Apple’s online store is down in anticipation of its “Hi, Speed” event later on Tuesday, suggesting at least some products may be available to pre-order or order immediately after the event.

The placeholder for the U.S. online store says “We’re making updates to the Apple store. Check back soon.”

Apple’s “Hi, Speed” event will be a virtual media event, where the company is expected to take the wraps off its flagship iPhone 12 lineup, a smaller, more affordable HomePod, and potentially other products.

We’ve heard conflicting rumors about when Apple’s new iPhone models will be available to order, but Apple is expected to stagger the launches this year, and we’re not expecting ‌iPhone‌ pre-orders to open immediately.

Chinese leaker Kang, who has provided accurate information in the past, claims pre-orders for the 6.1-inch ‌‌iPhone 12‌‌ and ‌‌iPhone 12‌‌ Pro models could begin this coming Friday, October 16, with the first

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