The Best Cleaning, Organizing, and Storage Products to Buy on Amazon Prime Day

The Best Cleaning, Organizing, and Storage Products to Buy on Amazon Prime Day

Keep your home in tip-top shape with these essentials.

Keeping your home in the best possible shape—a priority during the COVID-19 pandemic—calls for a mix of cleaning, organizing, and storage items. Luckily on Prime Day, which began at midnight, you can find a myriad of products that can help with all of your homekeeping needs—and all at discounted costs. Here, we share our favorite products that will keep your spaces tidy and looking sparkling clean.

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WOSOVO Rack Organizer

If you’ve been looking for an organizer to stack miscellaneous items in spaces like your kitchen or bathroom, this rack will help. The stackable and expandable shelf keeps the products you frequently turn to within arm’s reach. It’s also constructed with sturdy steel materials, so you won’t have to worry about any instability as you fill it up. And, thanks to its five-star reviews and bronze finish, there’s just no question: You want to add this to your list of Prime Day buys.  

Shop Now: WOSOVO Expandable, Stackable Counter Rack Organizer, $22.39 (was $28),

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Bissell Vacuum

A critical part of cleaning is removing small particles of dirt, pet hair, and more from your floors and hard-to-reach areas. This Bissell vacuum makes this process hassle-free. The flexible model allows the machine to lay flat, so you can get under beds or couches—and it also has LED lights, so you can see any dirt that you wouldn’t be able to spot in darker conditions. Once you finish vacuuming, you can easily remove and empty the dirt tank.

Shop Now: Bissell ICONpet Stick Hand Vacuum Cleaner, $55 (was $350),

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LIGHT ‘N’ EASY Steam Mop

Giving your floors a deep clean is essential—especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s why this steam mop is a must buy. Sticky and dirty floors are no match for this tool, which heats up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit (the temperature at which sanitization becomes possible) and removes dirt and grime in just under 30 seconds. It works best on hardwood floors, tiles, laminate, and vinyl, but can be used on carpet, too.

Shop Now: LIGHT ‘N’ EASY Steam Mop, Ultra-Lightweight for Deep Cleaning, $40 (was $55),

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AR Blue Pressure Washer

It’s the perfect time of year to rid your patio, deck, or any other part of your home’s exterior of dirt and grime. Enter this two-in-one electric pressure washer, which can work across a variety of outdoor cleaning jobs. You can either use the tool in the mobile cart (which allows you to move it around easily and stabilizes the washer during use) or remove it to make it portable for any project. All you need is access to a garden hose and an electric outlet.

Shop Now: AR Blue Clean Electric Pressure Washer, $171.68 (was $190.82),

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Blueair Air Purifier

This air purifier is just what you need to give your home a refresh. The advanced Swedish design and filter technology collects up to 99 percent of airborne pollutants, such as viruses, pollen, dust, pen dander, mold, and more. The purifier will also help keep your spaces odor-free, as it eliminates common pet and cooking smells. It’s also quiet and low-energy, so you can use it often, while still being conscious of watt usage.

Shop Now: Blueair Air Purifier with Carbon Filters, $98 (was $300),

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Perfect for laundry or storing blankets, pet toys, and more, this durable, foldable basket is crafted from eco-friendly materials. Thanks to its neutral colors and textures (a cream weave and natural jute), it can be used in any area of your home, whatever its style. The sturdy handles help you transport the basket from one place to the next; best of all, the basket can be cleaned in your washer machine, on the delicate cycle.

Shop Now: COSYLAND Large Woven Basket, $16.74 (was $23.98),

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Ultrawall Garage Storage System

Did you acquire a bunch of new yard and gardening tools during the pandemic? Thanks to this garage storage system, you can put everything from shovels and push brooms to bikes and bags in a convenient place. The powder-coated steel makes the system resistant to rust, chips, or cracks. The sleeves are also coated in rubber—making them scratch-resistant, too. Installing this piece is a breeze, so you can put it together in no time and store your items long term.

Shop Now: Ultrawall Garage Organizer for Tools and Garden Supplies, $32 (was $43),

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Mikasa Gourmet Standing Rack

You can use this durable, stackable, and adjustable rack in just about all of the rooms in your home. Its chic design—we love antique-inspired black brushed copper—means it’s pretty enough to leave out and its three tiers will make storing an array of items, from fruit to bathroom supplies, simple.

Shop Now: Mikasa Gourmet Basics Harbor Three-Tier Storage Baskets, $64 (was $71.55),

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