The Best New Home And Kitchen Products To Try From Our Place, Ruggable, Samsung And More

Welcome to Launch Party, our monthly column where we uncover the best new home and kitchen launches to add to your shopping cart.

Spring has finally arrived, and several home and kitchen brands are celebrating the arrival of warm weather with a slew of brand new and exciting launches. We’re talking a spring-ready color gracing the instagram-famous Always Pan and Perfect Pot from Our Place, soft linen sheets in cheery hues courtesy Brooklinen, decadent candles with heady notes from Aromatique and a snack box packed with sakura flavored snacks from Bokksu.

And it doesn’t end there. If you’re looking for fun ways to spruce up your space, Ruggable just dropped a new collection of eight Parisian design-inspired rugs that are modern yet elegant, while Samsung’s latest range of refrigerators now match the aesthetics of your kitchen. And for anyone looking to add more functionality to their everyday cooking chores, Breville just launched a smarter version of its popular Joule oven, while Food52 released a new compost bin that might actually get you excited to collect food scraps. So, to cut a long story short, March has been a busy month for home and kitchen brands. And if you need more inspiration for your home and kitchen, check out last month’s launches that are equally as intriguing.

An Exciting Collaboration That Seeks Inspiration From Modern Parisian Design


Ruggable is known for its machine-washable rugs that are easy to care for, especially in homes with pets or little ones. And since its launch in 2010, the brand has been regularly collaborating with designers and artists to release one-off capsule collections that are both stylish and practical. Case in point: The brand currently teamed up with LA-based interior designer Nina Takesh to launch a collection of eight rugs in subtle, elegant patterns that are inspired from modern Parisian designs. If you’re looking for a low-key way to switch up your décor or add some warmth to a space via a rug, the collection is worth checking out.

A Delicious New Flavor From NYC’s Beloved Patisserie

A New York city institution, Lady M is famous for its layered crepe cakes that are fluffy, moist and absolutely decadent. And to the delight of regular patrons, the brand just added a brand new flavor to its menu—Tres Leches Mille Crêpes Cake. The sweet treat is made using the classic three milk (a.k.a tres leches) recipe infused with a hint of toasted coconut. And the delicious goodness doesn’t end there. Each crepe layer is delicately brushed with handmade cream that’s infused with blonde chocolate. Best of all, you don’t need to be in the city to try a slice of the patisserie’s new flavor. It now offers shipping across the country.

Refrigerators That Serve A Side Of Major Style

Sure, the main task of a refrigerator is to keep your produce fresh as long as possible, but it doesn’t hurt if even fits in (or rather, complements) your kitchen’s décor. It’s now possible to get a refrigerator that does both with Samsung’s Bespoke French Door Refrigerator. Available in 3-door and 4-door configurations, the Bespoke collection is available in 12 fun colors and two sleek finishes (glass and steel). So whether your kitchen’s design skews cheery with pops of bright yellow or moody with tones of emerald green, you’re sure to find a match over at Samsung.

Summer-Ready Sheets In Summer-Ready Hues

It’s (almost) time to swap out your thick flannel sheets for soft linen sheets. And if you’d like to also add some color while you’re at it, Brooklinen’s linen sheets are now available in four new colors—Petal, Faded Lemon, Maple Sugar and Hydrangea Blue—that are perfect for the warmer months.

Brand New Pans For Everyday Cooking


If you’ve been skeptical to switch to cast iron pans given the significant heft and laborious care required, you might want to try carbon steel cookware. As part of Crux’s ongoing partnership with Ghetto Gastro, a Bronx-based culinary collective, the latest launch includes a wide range of carbon steel cookware pieces that deliver the same kind of results as cast iron but without the fuss. Plus, the pieces are already pre-seasoned, so all you have to do is pick out a recipe and get cooking.

Candles To Add Some Spring To Your Air


Embrace spring with Aromatique’s limited-edition Tuscan Grove Collection that includes scents inspired by the season. Think candles tinged with notes of lemon, grapefruit, ginger and pomegranate to name a few. Hand poured in decorated ceramic vessels or sculptured glass vessels, the candles are perfect for gifting or adding to your own space.

A Punch Of Neon, Courtesy Our Place


If you’ve been admiring Our Place’s Always Pan or Perfect Pot for some time, but haven’t yet added it to your cart, the DTC cookware brand is giving you a reason to shop: a brand new color that’s just perfect for spring. Called Acid, the neon green hue celebrates the season when the land starts to turn green again and our favorite fruits and vegetables start to reappear at farmers markets.

The Delicious Flavors Of Spring Packed In A Box


For snack lovers, Bokksu has been a fun way to incorporate new and delicious snacks in their munching routine. And with spring around the corner, the Japanese snack box subscription service has released released a limited-edition box that celebrated the flavor of the season: Cherry blossoms. Also known as sakura in Japanese culture, the delicate flavor is infused in a variety of sweet and salty snacks, including a beautiful soft pink box of jelly.

A Compost Bin That Might Actually Get You Excited To Collect Food Scraps

The advent of stylish compost bins continues, with Food52’s latest Down-to-Earth compost bin. Designed to make composting pleasant, the bin keeps odors masked, sits pretty on the countertop and holds days worth of food scraps. And when you’re ready to get rid of it, you’ll be glad to know that the bin is also 100% recyclable.

Everybody’s Favorite Dessert In A Brand New Avatar


Calling all Honey Mama fans. The sugar-free dessert brand just launched a brand new flavor that might be on of its best ones yet: Birthday cake! Made using creamy cashews and vanilla extract to recreate the taste of classic birthday cake, the bars are then sprinkled with rainbow coconut confetti. And unlike a slice of birthday cake that throw your diet in jeopardy, you won’t feel guilty reaching for a second (or third) bar of Honey Mama’s.

A Smart(er) Air Fryer Oven

There’s a new smart oven in town, and this time around it’s from Breville. The kitchen brand’s latest launch aims to take out the guesswork when following a recipe with 13 pre-set functions that do everything from roast an entire chicken to whip up a cheesecake. You can also use it in manual mode, which is another simplified feature the brand added on thanks to a nifty app that makes using the oven a whole lot easier. The brand has also teamed up with chefs like Nik SharmaClaudette ZepedaGregory GourdetEric Adjepong and Carla Lalli Music whose tailored recipes will be included on the Joule App.