Topo Designs x Magnetic Destination Guides: Pagosa Springs – Beautiful Waterfalls, Tubing, Rafting, and World Class Hot Springs

Turkey Springs Trail Head

Turkey Springs Trail Head

We headed down to the state’s remote southwest corner for the second installment of our collaboration with Topo Designs. Pagosa Springs is not exactly a well-known destination, even for people that live in Colorado. However, if you are looking for something unique with a lot to do outside, this little gem is worth the trek.

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For those who ski/board, then chances are you have heard of Wolf Creek, a legendary spot for avid powder hounds. Pagosa Springs (PS) is roughly 30 minutes down the pass from the resort and is where many people find lodging during the winter season. There are not a lot of options on the other side of the pass, so most stay in PS to enjoy the more robust amenities and, of course, the massive hot springs.

We got the chance to visit PS in mid-September to escape the summer crowds and enjoy the last bits of warm weather. Equipped with mountain bikes, our packs, some good hiking boots and of course our Topo Fall gear, we hit it hard. 

Let’s start with the world famous Pagosa Hot Springs. Whether you are coming for the powder, nature, or the San Juan River, the springs are what make this little town special. Considered to be the deepest geothermal hot springs in the world at over 1002 feet deep, the springs are the main attraction for most. Be warned, the water is very sulfury, and you will need to shower down with some strong soap to get the stink off, but it’s worth it. The warm mineral waters are perfect after a long day on the bike, hike or river and help ease your sore muscles.


The Pagosa Hot Springs Resort 

If you are looking for facilities like showers, food, towels, and lockers, the best bet is the main resort right on the river, which also has a hotel. During COVID, they limit the number of people that can come in, so it’s good to avoid peak hours. This resort is the most expensive option at roughly $35 a day, but you can buy a pass to save some coin and bring your own towel. Once inside, you will have a variety of options to dip yourself in to, from a bigger cooler pool to smaller hotter pools, there is plenty to choose from. If you want to make the most of it, grab a beer and hop every pool on the property – good times.

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