Watch Jasmine Roth Tackle the ‘Worst Bathroom Situation’ Ever

HGTV star Jasmine Roth has helped many homeowners fix their DIY fails, but in the latest episode of “Help! I Wrecked My House,” she encounters a bathroom that may be beyond repair.

In the episode “Behind the Tarp,” Roth meets Andrea and Jeremy, homeowners in Anaheim, CA, who started a bathroom renovation—only to leave the space in ruin. The floor is gone, the walls are gone, and there’s even a hole in the ground.

Now, Roth has a $60,000 budget to create a stunning bathroom from scratch. Read on to learn how Roth turns the worst bathroom into an oasis, and see some upgrades you might be inspired to try in your own home.

Jasmine Roth plans out her bathroom design.


Make sure your bathroom tiles don’t compete

Before: This DIY bathroom project was a disaster.


Roth wants to make sure Jeremy and Andrea’s bathroom is extra special, so she decides to give them the convenience of both a shower and bath in a wet room. But to make this wet room work, she knows she’ll need the right tile design.

Roth picks a gorgeous slate tile to go on the floor and reach up the wall, then chooses a plain white subway tile for the rest of the space. However, when it comes time to install the subway tile, it’s set in a staggered pattern that Roth realizes could compete with the herringbone pattern nearby.

This tile combination makes the bathroom look chic.


“The herringbone is the ‘wow’ factor,” Roth says. “That floor, that slate, that’s going to have that beautiful pattern. That’s where I want the pattern to be, not with this white tile.”

She has the tile redone, this time in a stacked pattern, which gives the walls a cleaner look. In the end, the two tiles complement each other and the wet room looks amazing.

“It feels like a spa in here,” Andrea says when she first sees the space.

A plant wall adds personality

Why not add some greenery to the bathroom?


Roth knows that Andrea loves greenery, so she adds shelves for some potted plants in the bathroom.

“I feel like if we make a section of a room set aside just for plants, that they are, like, supposed to be there, then maybe it won’t feel cluttered or, like, overdone,” Roth says.

She installs simple and elegant floating shelves on a wall of the bathroom, providing the perfect home for some potted plants. The greenery adds life to the space and gives it a fun, unique look.

Turn an awkward alcove into an accent feature

This accent wall adds some rustic charm to a modern bathroom.


With a gorgeous wet room and a creative plant wall, this bathroom looks great—but Roth is concerned about one feature: a curved wall on one end of the bathroom. This alcove feature is awkward, but Roth knows that she can’t remove it if she wants to stay on budget.

So she turns this eyesore into an accent wall by covering it with wood. Roth points out that not only will the wood make the architectural alcove feel intentional, but it will also complement the flooring in the rest of the house.

“Sometimes a weird architectural detail is something that you lean into,” Roth says.

When the wall is finished, it looks rustic and beautiful. Roth successfully turns an awkward element into one of the best features in the bathroom.

Choose additional closets over bulky dressers

This closet was much too small for Andrea and Jeremy.


While most of the renovation budget goes to Jeremy and Andrea’s bathroom, Roth also reorganizes their bedroom.

At the beginning of the renovation, Jeremy and Andrea explain that they want to declutter the space by getting rid of their dressers. Roth thinks this is a great idea, so she plans to take over the linen closet on the other side of the wall and expand the closet space.

These new double closets are a great solution because not only do they allow Jeremy and Andrea to get rid of their dressers, making the room feel bigger, but they also provide the opportunity to add a fun feature with the closet doors.

These closets give the bedroom extra storage and style.


These wood-tone, louvered closet doors bring a rustic aesthetic to the bedroom. It’s a great look for this relaxed decor.

When Andrea and Jeremy finally see their room, they love how it looks.

“I love that there’s no dresser in here,” Andrea says. “It’s just so clean.”

Dark paint can help you sleep

Light walls are nice, but they’re not required.


While storage is important, Roth knows there are other issues to be dealt with in this bedroom.

Andrea works the night shift as a nurse, so she needs to sleep during the day. Roth knows that this space needs to be a great place to rest, even during the day, so she paints the walls dark gray.

While designers will normally stay away from darker paint, knowing that this tone will make a room feel smaller, Roth makes an exception. She knows that this color will help the room stay dark during the day, meaning Andrea will hopefully get more restful sleep.

This dark paint still looks great.


Once the room is painted, Roth is happy with the look. The dark paint is functional for Andrea’s sleeping schedule and it also looks great. Roth points out that, combined with the wood tone on the closet doors and the light furniture, the paint really works in this room.

It “doesn’t really feel that dark, but you still get that really relaxing vibe,” she says. It’s the perfect paint for a lovely room.

Does Jasmine Roth help this house?

Roth starts out with $60,000 to update the bedroom and closet space, and start from scratch with a new bathroom.

This is a tall order, especially because the bathroom is in such a state of disarray at the beginning.

“When I first walked into this bathroom, it was the worst bathroom situation I’ve ever seen in my entire life,” Roth admits.

Still, she’s able to give the house a great makeover, including a gorgeous bathroom. And, the best part is that she’s able to do it all under budget, coming in at $58,500.

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