Where Is ‘Trisha’s Southern Kitchen’ Filmed? See Inside the Home

Ever wondered what it’s like behind the scenes of a Emmy award winning chef’s show? Luckily, country singer Trisha Yearwood isn’t shy about showing fans around the famous set of her cooking show, Trisha’s Southern Kitchen and there’s a few surprises up her sleeve.

In the video above, Trisha was joined by the team at Delish for a full look into her iconic studio kitchen where she makes her mouthwatering cakes, mealtime mash-ups and one-pot showstoppers. “This is a real house and not just a set. I bought this house about 20 years ago. It’s my first ‘my house.’ It’s got a great vibe and we do all things Trisha in this house.” She continued by saying the space, which is located in Nashville, Tennessee, is a “working set kitchen” so it’s pretty much perfect at all times.

Being the successful entrepreneur that she is (and wife of country music superstar Garth Brooks), fans probably won’t be shocked to hear that this kitchen is located in just ONE of her houses. Along with hiding the labels of brands for filming purposes, Trisha admitted “the refrigerator is always cleaner than my refrigerator at home.”

Fans of Trisha’s Southern Kitchen may or may not be surprised to hear a few filming secrets like her mini cake mixer that serves as an easter egg in all her episodes. Next time you’re watching, make sure to keep an eye out for it! Oh, and the butter? There’s a secret drawer to keep a couple of sticks of butter at room temperature for recipes. The juiciest secret in our opinion? The food’s already cooked!

Trisha admitted that there’s a second kitchen where the food is pre-prepared before the show…and it’s actually in her garage. After all, the cooking show’s on a tight schedule so they’ve got to have their key ingredients ready to go at all times.

Now that the show is headed into its 18th season, hopefully that clears up some piping hot questions that fans had about Trisha’s kitchen!

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