Why does every movie poster design look like this?

If you’ve been on Creative Bloq before, you probably know that we love a good poster. We’ve covered so many different designs, but a lot of the superhero posters have seemed somewhat similar as of late – and one user on Twitter has also noticed.

One user shared a hilarious poster design template that looks very similar to a lot of the superhero and action movie posters we’ve seen lately. While the mock design is, well, lacking detail, it has inspired other Twitter users to reply with their favourite movie poster designs that have broken away from this template – and we are loving scrolling through. If you’re feeling inspired by all this poster talk, then why not have a go at making your own? You can create your own over on one of the best online poster makers.

The basic poster design

We’ve all seen posters that look like this, right? (Image credit: @butterbarrr via Twitter)

The design was shared by @butterbarrr on Twitter (opens in new tab) with the caption, “Movie posters these days be like”. Using a combination of Comic Sans and Paint-style artwork, the template is a hilarious take on today’s poster designs.